Vincent Giard publishes and draws comics.

He lives in Montréal, Canada. Alongside his drawing and postering works, Vincent pilots La Mauvaise tête, his publishing house. He also ran Colosse, along with the Maison de la bande dessinée de Montréal collective studio and artist residency, and the cartoon departement of the arts and politics magazine Liberté.







books (in french)

De concert, a night adventure with Jimmy Beaulieu, Sophie Bédard and Singeon, published at la Mauvaise tête. In bookstores now.

Musiques du DiableMusiques du Diable with Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau : a funny compilation of illustrated music reviews. Published by Ta Mère. In bookstores now.

Les Pièces détachées, drawn and written with David Turgeon, at la Mauvaise tête, 2013. 156 pages of subtle, Ozu-like family drama. Bédélys Award laureate. In bookstores now.

Aplomb, Colosse, 2009. 138 pages of labyrinthine shorts; all covers are hand-drawn. Out of print.


zines (wordless)

Catalogue sauvageCatalogue sauvage (“Catalogue of Wilderness”), Colosse, 2014. Girl meets bear. It’s complicated. Out of print.

New forms, zine of funny (?) drawings for TCAF 2013. Out of print.

Bunker, with Sophie Bédard, Colosse, 2012. 32 pages of finger-pointing in the snow. Out of print.

Brousse 2Brousse, National Geographic from space with my main man Singeon, two issues, Colosse, 2011 and 2014.

Pulseburst, 2012. Sci-fi allergy rom-com. In english. Out of print.

Le Wagon engourdi (“The Numb Wagon”), Colosse, 2011. Someone does a lot of undos while reading on the subway. Out of print.

Laisse tomber les filles (“On Leaving Girls”), Colosse, 2010. Out of print.


magazine editor

Cartoon editor for Liberté, Arts and Politics magazine, between 2012 and 2017.

Art director for Planches, the Quebec cartoonists review, n° 6 and 7.

48, the free tabloïd of the Montreal 48 Hours of Comics festival, 2009-2011.

Fonte n°0-10, weekly laboratory of the student strike of 2012.


agitated comics

Ton petit poids (“Phantom steps”), 2018.

Brigadière (“Overseer”), 2014-2015.

Correspondance dansante (“Mail dance”), 2013.

Un fort tonnerre / L’Allégorie des allergies (“Fort Thunder/The Allegory of Allergies”), 2011.

Dans les bois (“From the Woods”), 2011.

Bluette, 2009.

Bol, 2009. Scott McCloud writes about it here.

Le Safari des fourmis (“Ant Safari”), 2008. Julie Delporte writes about it here.